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Advanced Regulatory Control


    Universal Dynamics' BrainWave is true advanced regulatory control, offering capabilities not found in any other control products.

BrainWave is ideally suited to applications involving long response time loops where there is a need to improve product quality, to operate closer to limits to improve efficiencies, or to automate manually controlled processes.

BrainWave has demonstrated control improvements of from 1000 to 4000%.

The BrainWave product family includes:

  • BrainWave – Advanced Regulatory Control
  • KilnMax – Rotary Kiln Optimization
  • BatchMax – Batch Process Optimization
  • GlassMax – Glass Furnace and Forehearth Optimization
  • DryMax – Drying Optimization
  • MultiMax – Multiple Input, Multiple Output Control

Queue Systems is UDL's Premier System Integration partner for the southeastern United States.

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