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Q-Alive™ provides automatic fault detection and failover management for mission critical plant systems.

Q-Alive augments the platform availability technologies of a typical plant system (e.g. clustering, redundant components), adding the capability to monitor all system resources. This enables Q-Alive to perform advanced fault detection, such as:
  • Detect resource starvation problems like lack of memory, CPU processing load, or disk availability
  • Monitor critical peripherals (e.g. printers, modems, network storage)
  • Monitor execution of critical sections of user application software
  • Manage primary and backup CPUs, including automatic start-up and shut-down scripts

Q-Alive is highly configurable. Individual failure criteria can be selected for monitored items. Flexible backup configurations can be implemented, including:

  • One backup CPU supporting one or more primary CPUs
  • Single CPU supporting one or more CPU clusters

Q-Alive is available for the Compaq AlphaServer OpenVMS and Modcomp platforms.

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