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   The Q-Freedom Bridge™ is the leading non-disruptive solution for migrating from legacy to open PIMS and SCADA systems.

Many industrial customers still depend on proprietary legacy SCADA systems from MODCOMP, Gould, and others.

While many of these systems continue to function well, they are no longer being enhanced, support is difficult and expensive to obtain, and spare parts are increasingly scarce and expensive.

Queue Systems developed the Q-Freedom Bridge in response to our customers' need to maintain continuous plant operations while moving to modern, open systems hardware and software.

With the Q-Freedom Bridge, it is possible to implement a modern PIMS and SCADA system in a non-disruptive, phased migration.

This greatly lowers the technical and economic risk, and assures minimal disruption to ongoing plant operation.

Our field proven Q-Freedom Bridge hardware and software solution provides a high-speed, memory-bus connection between legacy and open systems. 

This enables high-speed process variable data transfer and conversion with virtually no impact on the legacy system.

Optional redundant configurations can be provided, including both hardware and software redundancy options.

Q-Freedom Bridge installation can be performed in less than three hours, typically. Depending on specific requirements, legacy process data can be available to a new system almost immediately.

Queue offers legacy system interfaces for MODCOMP, Gould, and reflective memory systems.

The Q-Freedom Bridge is integrated with the following PIMS and SCADA packages:

  • AspenTech IP.21 (Microsoft Windows)
  • AspenTech Setcim (HP-Compaq OpenVMS)
  • OSIsoft PI (Microsoft Windows)

The optional QFBdac Toolkit supports custom interface development via a comprehensive API.

Click here for typical Q-Freedom Bridge implementation steps

Click here for example Q-Freedom Bridge system architecture

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