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    Stratus Technologies has been the leading provider of fault tolerant servers for over twenty years. They have applied their unparalleled technical expertise to create the ftServer fault tolerant platform for Microsoft Windows enterprise level operating systems.

The ftServer system uses fully replicated, fault-tolerant hardware to eliminate virtually any single point of failure and protect data integrity. Duplicate components operate in lockstep, processing the same instructions and the same time.

In the event of a component failure, there is no interruption to processing, no lost data, and no slowdown in performance.

Hot-pluggable components allow replacement and reconfiguration to take place while your server stays online.

Stratus complements Microsoft technology with value-added software innovations that maximize uptime for applications, middleware, and operating systems.

The ftServer family and Stratus value-added software are completely Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatible with standard Windows environments and applications.

Queue Systems provides the ftServer product family for PIMS and SCADA implementations requiring the highest level of availability.

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